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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  October 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> terry: so often pitchers are struggling with the command. they can go to the secondary or the off-speed pitch to find the arm spot. that's what he did right there. >> joe: tigers need something from austin jackson. that is high. 95-mile-per-hour fastball. 2-1. >> joe: the 2-1. 3-1. everything has been up. >> terry: barely throwing more strikes and balls and not following the glove. you're right, he is elevating. the one saving grace for him, his stuff is electric and he has a chance to get away with it. if he continues like this, it will be difficult.
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>> joe: that will load them up. three walks in the inning. four already in the game. >> terry: you are going to see that phone ring here in a minute. >> joe: mike maddux jumps on it. got a couple of long relieve relievers. one of them is scott feldman. who might get the nod as we play here in the second. but for the tigers, it's santiago who is trying to make these walks hurt derek hollan holland. it is feldman getting loose. santiago. curveball is what he can get over. strike one.
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>> joe: that is up the middle. kinsler makes the play. got him to end the inning. [ applause ] what a play by ian kinsler. to his right. the flip for the out. he was out. the inning is over. 2-nothing. [ tapping ] okay. okay, okay...listen up, make sure everybody's got a bud for this. there is a saying that time is a great storyteller. well, then here's to the next chapter. so stand with me brothers, and raise 'em high. because as great as this is! there's even more ahead of us! and the only question is... are you ready? [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> joe: today's game on fox brought to you by budweiser. great times are waiting. grab some buds. move to the bottom of the second inning. nolan ryan statue. a good call at second base by fieldin culbreth. >> terry: a good play. a good stuff play. good call by a good umpire. that was a tough play to call. he was right on it. >> joe: cruz leads it off and shoots it to right centerfield. nelson cruz is getting hot. he homered in game one. and he doubles to start the second here in game two. >> terry: we are talking to ron washington before the game and he made the point he may not hit in every game but if he runs him out there every day, he will have a game he carries the team. >> joe: he is on top of the all-time post season home run list in texas rangers history. with more games, divisional
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round, alcs, there is more opportunity. although the alcs has been around since rangers have been here in texas. seven home runs in the post-season. hep got number seven on saturday night. >> terry: they continue to throw the first pitch fas fastball. >> joe: that is on the inside corner to david murphy. give you our etrade stock watch. nelson cruz in game one and now he is at second with a double. delmon young, hard to believe. one of the game's best hitters period is 2-19 this post season. he will be on the other side of the graphic before too long. >> terry: yes, he will. >> joe: that is off the end of the bat. to shallow center. out goes santiago. peralta and he come together. peralta makes the catch. one out.
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the taller guy makes the play. >> terry: that is where they need him to pull the ball. at least if he makes an out, makes a productive out and moves the runner. >> joe: instead moreland bats with a runner at second. one out. had a hit in game one. two for 13 this post season. did go deep against tampa bay in the divisional series. >> terry: greeging young hitter. but the power hasn't found its way to the game yet. he has 16 home runs. there is a lot more in there. >> joe: nice block by avila. alex who grew up in this game, his full name is alexander thomas avila. first name after al cantanas.
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middle name after tommy lasorda. his dad al is the assistant g.m. with detroit. ralph avila, the dodgers organization and he was the one that found all of that talent in the dominican. moreland is out in front. strike one foul. pedro ramon martinez, and the dominican academy. so avila has grown up around the game and blossomed in 2011. an all-star. he is trying to help guide scherzer around the lead-off double. >> terry: you can tell he grew up around the game. just when you visit him for a couple of minutes.
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>> joe: here is the 1-1. ball two. >> terry: now he threw a good fastball to the leftie there, but he hasn't been able to duplicate that. he goes in once, more for effect. now the left-hand hitters know they can sit out away from the plate, fastball or changeup. that's why he is throwing to the left-handers. >> joe: the 2-1. that is on the outside corner. away from the hitter, moreland. the count is 2-2. so you were looking for it. but moreland was not. >> terry: a pretty good pitch. maybe it's off the plate but it is still a good pitch. my point is they don't have to respect inge as much as they probably should with a pitcher of his stock. he is going to have to prove it to him, he can command and
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come in again. >> joe: not only was scherzer good in the game two start but he gave up an inning and two-third of relief, shut-out relief in the clincher game five at yankee stadium. 3--2 win. it happened on thursday night. the 2-2. back inside. he misses. full count. >> terry: jim leyland, they didn't even know if he'd be able to pitch tonight. they had him throw out to 90 feet to see what his comfort level was. >> joe: that rain-out helped him by giving him an extra day's rest. >> terry: i think jim leyland felt like the rain helped them a lot more than people were led to believe. >> joe: that is only as good as scherzer pitches. gave up two runs in the first. lead-off double here in the second. got a big pop-up.
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about to bring home the 3-2 to moreland. got the outside corner. two out. a big strike-out for scherzer. moreland had thought he wal walked. >> terry: he did walk. look at that. with that two-team movement and you get three, four, five pitches off the plate, good luck. >> joe: home plate umpire is larry vanover. he seemed willing to give side-to-side in this strike zone today. >> terry: i think i've told larry that a few times. he can't yell at me today. >> joe: runner at second. two out.
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strike one. is he known as pitcher's umpire? >> terry: he will give on the away side of the plate. he will give three or four inches. as long as they're consistent, that's what hitters generally look for. but then you look at the two-seam movement to go along with it, that ball is probably not hittable. >> joe: kinsler is trying to rescue the lead-off double and turn it in to damage. the runner at second two out. now two strikes on ian kinsler who popped up his first time. two 30/30 seasons for kinsler as we mentioned in game one. and he is only the third second baseman to have a 30-plus home run season. 100 plus, 120 plus rbis. runs, rather. he joins chase utley and roger hornsby on that list. the post season he has been
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tough to retire. the runner at second. two out. >> joe: back down the right-field line by the end of the seat. he kept slicing. still 0-2. celebrate america's game with chevrolet. upload a picture of your youth player. you can win tickets to this post-season among hundreds of other mlb prizes be. part of the chevy centennial celebration and enter to win at >> terry: you know, we've got the upper cut swing but he still manages to fight that ball off right field. not just fight it off, but hit it with authority that way. >> joe: blocked by avila. 1-2.
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scherzer, a guy who was sent out to the minor leagues last year, trying to get his control and his stuff in order. he came back, finished last year hot. won 15 games tied for tenth most in the a.l. this season. here is a 1-2. >> terry: boy, kinsler can extend some at-bats. you get him in the hole and you think you got him in a place that you want him and he still continues to put up strong swings. >> joe: yeah, that is impressive for a guy who has to be considered a power hitter with 32 home runs. >> terry: i think this kid is quietly one of the best
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players in the game. >> joe: you had a pretty good one in boston in dustin pedroia. >> terry: he is just not likable enough, though, is he? >> joe: no. pedroia, no. just season critiquing your every comment up here -- justin is critiquing your every comment in the booth. thank god for texting so you can hear it all. >> terry: i don't think there has been a game that's played that he doesn't watch. he is as much of a pleasure that you can run into. loves the game. >> joe: one ball, two strikes on the texas second baseman. runner at second. two outs. in to right. back to grab it for the out is raburn. the inning is over. nice job by scherzer to get around the lead-off double. some images from around this
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beautiful stadium in arlington, as we go to the third inning. game two. 2-nothing, rangers. ♪ ♪ e.?úúúarúúo? ayay
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>> joe: delmon is up. derek holland is one of three left-handers in rotation. they're led by the ace c.j. wilson who is in the corner of the dugout and kind enough to join us in a 2-nothing game, top of the third inning. c.j. won 16 games and step to the front of the rotation. i know you have to be a little frustrated with what we have seen so far in the post season. >> for me personally, i haven't thrown the ball as hard as i want to. i was locked in the other day but the rain came there is nothing you can do about it unless off retractable roof. >> joe: absolutely. how did you feel coming back after the first away? >> crunchy. not myself. weird thing. it's not in your play book. you think about what do i do if it's raining and how to get a grip on the ball but when you come off for 45 minutes, it's a little different. i had adjustments i should have made. we ended up getting the win.
5:20 pm
>> joe: are you watching derek miss high? >> he has such a good fastball he can get away with mistakes. up in the zone, but we had a talk in between inning and i told him keeping the hitters offbalance, for one reason or another. got to mix. he has to visualize the low strike. that is where we make our money. >> joe: holland dealing with delmon young. and he goes up to get it. he shoots it up to right. the catch made by nelson cruz. one out. c.j., what do you think of the littlet. is hit will -- the lie he has on his face? >> he has been working on it for months. i remember being 24. i couldn't grow a mustache either. now it's like a pirate after
5:21 pm
nine days. it's kind of funny. >> joe: here is cabrera. how do you like facing this guy? >> i love it. miguel is one of my favorite competitors in baseball. happy and always talking smack. looking over here from the dug-out. he dropped that pickoff earlier and we're yelling rock hands at him and stuff. he's great. >> joe: a pitch that misses down and in. the count is 2-0. you seem to have fun, but not just with the rotation. you keep it loose down there. >> you have to. a long season and a lot of stress that comes with the game. pressure from the outside, family or friends. or the fans and the media stuff. if something pops up in a negative way, we are able to quash it in the interior. it's a good feeling to know you have 20 guys on the roster that love you like a brother. >> joe: a shot to centerfield. it sounded good off the bat.
5:22 pm
hamilton got too close. double. c.j., we will let you go with this. are you going to tweet about this experience the rest of the day? >> it's possible. but not in the game. we have rules against that. lucky that it's october. the ball is out of here in july. >> joe: really? >> easy. when we get a stiff breeze, terry can tell you probably seen balls carry over the bullpen wall that are a little bit cheap sometimes. nature of the baste. we have the grass for the double play balls. >> joe: appreciate it. thank you for joining us. good luck next time up. c.j. wilson, the leader of the staff and 16-game winner. now the batter, victor martinez takes a strike. >> terry: in the summer, the balls carry so well to all directions. he is right.
5:23 pm
that was a home run in july. >> joe: it sounded good off the bat. >> terry: balance is amazing. >> joe: he is still just 28. he seems like he has been around forever. he bounced back and made a big splash in 2003 when the maroulimarlins won it all. moved from detroit in 2008. >> terry: everybody talked about his weight fluctuating and this and that. one year he hit .330 and the next year it was .340. i don't think it matters how much much he weighs. c.j. was right. he loves to play the game. he has a lot of fun playing it. >> joe: here it is in 0-2. victor martinez spoils it. for miguel cabrera, it hasn't all been great. he was arrested suspicion of dui in florida, spring training and his second alcohol-related incident in 17
5:24 pm
months. that has been put away. and since that incident at the beginning of spring training, seemingly has not been an issue. the 0-2. fouled back and out of play. the former major league outfielder raul gonzalez who is miguel cabrera's shadow, in and around the stadium, away from the stadium, like johnny naron is for josh hamilton. who has had his own issues. centerfielder for the texas rangers. the 0-2. down and in. ball one. >> terry: well, victor is hitting in the hole here. but he lets the ball travel so much. he gets such a good look at it. that he still gives himself such a good chance to have success.
5:25 pm
even though he is in the hole. >> joe: letting it travel, meaning getting it deep. >> terry: letting it get deep and get a good look at it. not committing. out in front of the breaking ball. get on top of the fastball. the 1-2. got him on the foot. dead ball. a dead ball. martinez will throw down to first base. home plate umpire said immediately that the ball had hit the batter. and ron washington is going to come out and say hey, what is going on? so they are calling victor back. napoli didn't even chase it, because he believed that the ball hit the batter, which would have been a dead ball. first and second with one out. i think it might have missed him. oh, he was appealing. the home plate umpire was appealing. and napoli thought the ball
5:26 pm
had hit the batter and he didn't even go after it. >> terry: this is going to be interesting. they're bringing in umpires from the outfield. did it hit his pants? >> joe: if it hit his pants it would be hit-by-pitch and a dead ball. it looked like his pants may have moved. i agree. this is an interesting call to see if they bring cabrera back. >> terry: you have both managers in the ready position. >> joe: tim welke is in the back of the conversation doing the majority of the talking. he is the crew chief. but he is out in right-field. they are going to bring cabrera back to second. now leyland will have his say. it will be first and second. one out, still a 2-nothing game and jim leyland wants to talk to welke, the crew chief.
5:27 pm
here it is again. napoli didn't really go after it. that allowed cabrera to score all the way from second base. the pants may have moved. and again, too hard to tell. >> terry: it looks like it hit his pants. how do you fault an umpire when they have a split second to get it right. we've looked at it seven times and we don't know. >> joe: here it is again. regular speed. this is what they are going on. >> terry: victor bought and sold it also. umpire is going. >> joe: if victor doesn't sell it, then maybe you are looking at a different outcome. victor is in essence saying it
5:28 pm
hit me by going down to first base. >> terry: but the umpire right away appealed -- checked to see. >> joe: leyland is going to have his say. he will walk away hot. >> terry: he is yelling at everybody. >> terry: he may be saying with the appeal he's supposed to wait for the call, not wait for the umpire to ask. that might be part of the point here.
5:29 pm
>> joe: jim leyland has had his day. we looked at it a number of times. i'm sure we'll look at it again to see if the ball hit the pant leg of victor martinez. he went down to first as if he was hit. miguel cabrera kept running. initially, they were going to allow the run. >> terry: how do you tell? >> joe: they overturn the call and brought cabrera back. now a strike. he is in for raburn. we'll go down as the hit bats man. to put two on with one out. boy, holland has been in the middle of trouble every innin inning. right back in it. he walked the first time and now in a hole 0-2.
5:30 pm
>> terry: if you throw a breaking ball and hit upright on somebody's leg, you have to expect something bad to happen. >> joe: today. 0-4 with runners in scoring position. are the tigers. raburn could come up with something big. let it rip. 94-mile-per-hour fastball. still 0-2. >> terry: here is where you see the difference in the two teams right now. texas when they get on, they are going to push the envelope and they are going to run. detroit is going to have to get base hits or hit it in the ball pac because they don't run bases like the rangers. >> joe: cabrera the lead man with martinez behind him. one out. >> terry: as i say that, they check the runner. >> joe: cabrera is probably flattered.
5:31 pm
delmon getting loose again. ball one. already up to 70 pitches because of the wildness here through the first two-plus innings. well hit down the line. that is at the wall. it's a lead for detroit. 3-2. on a 3-run shot by ryan raburn. [ applause ] >> terry: leyland said, ryan raburn was a guy that could help be dangerous back behind the hitter ins the middle and
5:32 pm
do damage. that is what he did. >> joe: it erases any conversation about the hit-by hit-by-pitch. raburn cleans it with a shot over the wall in left. now it's jhonny peralta, as holland finally has to pay for being wild. hit victor martinez, got ahead of raburn. then made one too good. as peralta takes ball one high. >> terry: he called the glove well. just didn't get back in far enough. >> joe: on the inside corne corner. the count is 1-2. >> terry: show major league hitters 75 pitches in 2-2/3 and it makes them more dangerous.
5:33 pm
>> joe: the tigers lead for the first time in the alcs. down the line. peralta will try to push it to a double. and make it. third extra base hit of this inning. jhonny peralta is staring it down. turned it in to two. just getting in ahead of the tag is ian kinsler. another good call by fieldin culbreth. at least initially. see if he stayed on the bag. and it's a double. to put another run in scoring position. holland will last at least one more batter with a left-handed hitting avila coming up. >> terry: super slo-mo,
5:34 pm
isn't it? our company is really something. >> joe: now you are a fox guy. i'll remind you of that, wherever you are next. three runs are home on a ryan raburn post-season home run. he hit 14 in the regular season. avila show roller to kinsler. he has plenty of time. two out. over to third goes peralta. that is it. with inge coming up, ron washington going to the bullpen. holland with four walks a hit batsman, three extra base hits in the inning. is finished. feldman coming in. and terry, to make you proud, your company fox, the super slo-mo on the double by peralta.
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>> joe: feldman in the action, with two runners out, in the third. batter is inge who walked his first time up. holland did not have a good start. 2-2/3. so far, three runs on four hit, four walks, no strike-out, a hit batter. home run. his inability to get ahead of hitters did him in. one ball, two strike. looking for two rbi hit from brandon inge. drove home 23 runs in the
5:38 pm
regular season. should end the inning. kinsler makes a play. that's it. productive inning from detroit. the first lead of the alcs. out of the hand of holland, off the bat of raburn. over the wall in left. 3-2, tigers, after two-and-a-half. fix it or find a new job, all right? i got it, i'm sorry. these people, huh? you know i've found that anger is the enemy of instruction.
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>> joe: bottom of the third givenning in arlington. tigers with the lead. 3-2. scherzer gets the chance to work from in front. and elvis andrus is first up. it's elvis and then josh hamilton. then michael young. the 0-1. lock to center. to get is it austin jackson. one out. like we talked with c.j. wilson of the rangers in the effort to be fair and balanced we go to the end of the other dugout to check in with the game's best. justin verlander. thank you for doing this. >> no problem. glad to be on. >> joe: first, somehow the mood with the first lead of the series now? >> the mood is good.
5:42 pm
we're a confident team. somebody will come through for us. we knew it was a matter of time. hopefully that got us on the right track and we can continue going. >> terry: in the early part of the year you touted your catcher. it looked like you had genuine affection anded in anywhere ration for him. for -- admiration for him. >> he was second in the voting. i believe he should have been first and starting catcher for american league all-star game. it did everything i could, platform and talked about him and got him there. well deserved. if you look at his numbers, in my opinion, he is the best catcher in the game and still is. glad i could help him. >> joe: how much politicking did you do to try to come back in after the rain delay? >> a little bit. obviously, i talked to skip some and tried to get in his ear. when my number is called i'm ready to go. i prepare either way, game four or game five. when my number is called, i'm
5:43 pm
ready to go. >> joe: no mystery there. you said you want to pitch and the manager said i want him in game five. that is where it has to stay. >> division series, got flak for not muchin pitching him butt worked out good. he knows what he is doing. >> joe: with a long season, you throw more pitches than anybody in game and you seem to get stronger as the game goes on and feel good. >> i feel good. this is what i prepare for and why i work hard in the off-season for this time of year. we haven't been here in five years but i learned a lot from 2006. and how i need to prepare myself to be strong at this time. >> joe: you are a good representative of a great team. we appreciate you joining us. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> joe: the count is 2-1 on michael young. after hamilton flied out to left.
5:44 pm
two out, nobody on. see, the dugout interviews aren't so bad with the players, terry. don't laugh. i want you to say they're not that bad. >> terry: i don't think they're that bad now. >> joe: mark the tape. 3-2. tigers after three. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the peace of mind of owning a 2011 iihs top safety pick. the l-new volkswagen passat. him to the bag. that's two! ...he goes down swinging! it's a 1-2-3 inning. [ male announcer ] if you like a 1-2-3 inning, you're gonna love this card.
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no, i don't have 14 well-oiled abs or endless gold treasures pouring from my pants. but shh. don't tell my nose that. [ both laugh ] [ old spice whistle ] >> joe: today's game brought to you by --
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>> joe: fox sports is proud to support stand up to cancer in work to accelerate treatments to patients. strike one on austin jackson. stand up for someone you love. visit to learn more. jackson has walked twice. in the hole here, 0-2. >> joe: ball one up. i see hockey style playoff beards on the part of some of the players. michael young, the designated
5:48 pm
hitter and feldman. we saw with derek holland has been trying to do for a couple of months. the 1-2. just off the inside corner, 2 2-2. >> terry: every pitch feldman throws has movement to it. whether it's in right there or away, slow breaking ball. nothing is straight. >> joe: left side to beltre. got the high hop. gets the out. [ applause ] no today's get to a better state recap brought to you by state farm. auto, home, life, banking, get to a better state. saturday night before the second rain delay, ordonez was walked. to load the bases. after the rain delay, adrian gonzalemikegonzalez comes in ans avila to swing in the zone to
5:49 pm
ground out and end the threat. it was a one run game and it ended 3-2 tesch. >> terry: we talked to jim leyland today. >> joe: santiago, ball one. >> terry: he voiced what he talked about. count is 1-0. a tough lefty but you hope the guy will take but you don't want to give him the take. >> joe: with one out, nobody on, that is foul. you were saying it in the booth. a.j. pierzynski said it on the set. if you bring a guy in, in the past had control issues. we talked to ron washington who said i went out there in september and check on him one time. another foul ball. i felt the shoulder to see if there was any tension in there to see if he was overwhelmed by the situation. hetch said i total confidence he will throw strikes. >> terry: to bring him in the situation is obvious he
5:50 pm
does. >> joe: the 1-2. got looking, two out. >> terry: as a left-hand hitter you have a better chance to let him work his way behind in the count. i'm saying that as a hitter and guy with that much deception you don't want to fall behind either. >> joe: you like what feldman is doing since coming in? jo 3 the strike, move the ball and give them a legitimate chance to get deeper in the game. >> joe: he is their long guy. they haven't needed him. >> terry: playing four games in a row and getting in the bullpen this early. if he stumbles, it will cause a ripple effect throughout the bullpen. >> joe: two out, nobody on. michael young is up on the count, 2-0. if you are just joining us, it's what terry pointed out on camera prior to the game, this is an advantage with the rain-out last night for texas in game two today.
5:51 pm
now you are playing four in a row. three coming up in detroit. that could work against alexi ogando factor that ron washington has in the bullpen. the 3-0. 3-1. >> terry: they want to use ogando all over the place as a wild card. if they use him one night it's difficult to use him the next night at all. let alone for playing. >> joe: that's to centerfield and will carry to hamilton to end the inning. good work by feldman. with tim getting ready for game three and loving super slo-mo, here is some more. we go to bottom of the fourth. 3-2, tigers. 4g-- the next evolution of wireless technology. with advanced power,
5:52 pm
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>> joe: scherzer back to the hill. adrian beltre -- hello! that is a nice start to the inning. beltre spun off the plate with napoli and nelson cruz to follow. that wasn't as close as --
5:55 pm
>> terry: watch this. >> joe: what do you think? evil or hard? >> terry: you can't wait. hard. no fear there. >> joe: okay. one ball, one strike. rbi double. his first time up. angels got two in the first. did nothing with a lead-off double in the second. i know trail 3-2 after a three-run home run by abraham. inge. one away. well, sir, we've been in the booth now for two nights. you settled in and you feel good about things and you are smiling. been fun having you. >> terry: are you exhausted? do a lot of babysitting? >> joe: yes. >> terry: tell us about the game. >> chris: it turn with one swing, didn't it? >> terry: it did. but you feel like maybe it would. he wasn't commanding enough. with good hitters you better
5:56 pm
start pounding the zone. it caught up with him. >> joe: talking about derek holland who could not get through three. starter for the rangers, 2-2/3. three runs, four hits. four walks, hit batsman and home run. feldman has restored order. beltre has grounded out in the fourth. now napoli. career high 30 home runs. >> joe: one ball, one strike. scherzer has settled in. retired seven straight after the lead-off double by cruz in the second. strike two. talk about a long year for avila. a lot of work for napoli and both guys had terrific years
5:57 pm
swinging the bat. a.j. pierzynski is with us. nobody caught more innings across the big leagues than a.j. since 2003. so he knows what that kind of a workload will do by the end of the year, as napoli takes high 2-2. your willings have got to be warn out some -- your legs have to be worn out some and that has to affect your hitting, doesn't it? >> absolutely. sometimes as a catcher, when they ask you what is sorts when you go if training room, it's easier to tell them what is not sorts. alvarez takes more catches than i've seen in my life there is another one. >> joe: off his glove. just luck of the draw or what the? >> i don't know. i asked if he sets up different than the rest of us. he is playing with a banged up knee. tough for them. he's played i don't know how many games in a row here if you go back to september. i remember at one point he was on 35 or 40 in a row.
5:58 pm
>> joe: the count is 2-2. we'll keep a.j. pierzynski with us. as napoli waits for the next. that is down and away. >> he is a tough kid. you have to understand they've played a long time, especially the second half of season without another catcher because victor martinez was banged up also. >> joe: this was earlier when it hit a side wing and took the mask off his face. >> you can see it on his face. everybody asks you how does it feel. i wish they could understand. it doesn't hurt but it startles you and gives you a wake-up call. >> joe: tim mccarver talking about the toll that catching takes on your hands, too. that has to directly affect holding the bat and swinging it. >> absolutely. that is the biggest thing, your hands. mentally as a catch evidence, you are in every single pitch. no hiding as catcher. right-fielder or left-fielder you might get one or two balls a game but a catcher is involved in every single
5:59 pm
pitch, 130 that are thrown. putting down fingers, foul balls, the whole deal. >> joe: he got it flying. a good pitch by scherzer. 96. that is as hard as he has thrown. two out, nobody on. batter will be nelson cruz. >> terry: a.j. knows this more than anybody. good catcher sacrifice the bat because they babysit the starting pitcher or the reliever when they're up to hit. not when they are catching. they lose at-bats because they try to nurse them through innings. >> terry, you have one of the best in varitek in boston for a long time but how many times as a catcher are you leading off an inning and your mind is thinking why you gave up a run the inning before or how you got out of the inning before and not even thinking how you got to get a hit. >> joe: good job by scherzer. bangs his fist in the glove and walks off the field. still 3-2 in the fifth. game two, back after this. from your local fox station.


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